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We set up Amazing Racing in 2015, but we first started purchasing racehorses and managing winning syndicates nearly 30 years ago.

Over that period we have enjoyed considerable success with the racehorses we have bought and syndicated for other commercial syndicates, as well as those we have been asked to organise privately.

We chose the name “Amazing Racing” because a day at the races can be a truly amazing experience, and when you get involved as a racehorse owner it takes it to a whole new level!


We created Amazing Racing to help people share the cost of owning racehorses, in small friendly groups, where everyone has the opportunity to really get involved.

We also try to treat owners as friends and partners, not as customers, while still maintaining a professional, informative, and honest relationship with everyone in the syndicate.

Above all, we want you to enjoy your involvement as an owner, and that obviously means seeing your horse perform to the best of its ability. If you arrange it through us, owners can visit the stables more or less when they like – subject to the trainer’s commitments and availability – and you don’t have to wait for organised group visits once or twice a year (but we do them too!).

We do our best to ensure that syndicate members enjoy their days out at the races, and hopefully have a few winners. We can’t absolutely guarantee your horse will win, but we are very selective when buying horses and that improves your chances of having a winner. We can guarantee that we’ll work hard with our trainers to help get you into the winner’s enclosure!


We have an excellent track record in spotting future winners at the sales, then collaborating with trainers to ensure they are expertly placed to achieve their maximum potential. Our record speaks for itself – ALL OF THE AMAZING RACING SYNDICATES HAVE BEEN WINNERS!!

Making sure you have the right horse is the most important first step on the way to the winner’s enclosure, and we see too many syndicates running horses who have very little chance of winning a race.

We have been successful with our racehorses primarily because we have been buying horses for many years, and our opinions have been spot on when we are deciding whether or not to purchase a horse. All of our horses offer owners a realistic chance to get into the winners’ enclosure, and we wish that were true of every syndicate.

Of course, winners can’t be guaranteed, but our expertise in matching up the right combination of horses and trainers certainly increases your chance success on the racecourse.

Finally, we are not a “gambling” syndicate, but we will advise you when we think conditions are in your horse’s favour. Betting on our horses “blind” since 2015 would have returned a level stake profit EVERY YEAR.


We will provide you with a high quality of service, based on good communication, and make sure through regular updates that you are fully informed about plans for your horse. We will whenever possible take your opinions into account, though the trainer will have the final say about where and when your horse runs. We pay the professionals for their skill and advice, so we respect their opinions!

On race days we will arrange for owners badges to be ready for collection from the Owners & Trainers entrance desk at the racecourse, and one of us will normally be in attendance to meet you and help you enjoy the day.

You will have the opportunity to speak to the trainer and jockey before and after your horse runs, and get a first-hand assessment of its performance on the day, and perhaps an initial idea of future plans.

Our opinions on the horse will always be honest and realistic – if your horse does not progress as well as expected, has an injury, or is unlikely to achieve the level of success we would aim for, we will tell you the truth and discuss options with you at the earliest opportunity.

If your horse performs to the level we would hope, we will campaign it at the highest possible level, and will hopefully be able to give you the opportunity to see your horse race at top venues around the country.

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